Lubbock Drivers

So yeah, I’m not the best driver there is.  But I’m seriously concerned at the quality of Drivers Education classes on the South Plains.  It drives me crazy how people driving on the loop have ruined it for everyone and now it’s hard to get on or off of the loop…Because there is so much traffic in the far right hand lane it is hard to merge onto the loop because people don’t realize that’s what the lane is actually for.  So instead of seamlessly merging onto the loop you have to wait for there to be a break in the steady stream of existing traffic which means you have to STOP on a merge lane which then backs up more traffic causing people to honk at you.

Now it’s the very same thing when you are on the loop and NOT in the far right hand lane.  Getting off the loop then becomes very difficult as people don’t want to let you into the lane because they don’t want anyone cutting in front of them.  REALLY?!?  So again the problem is that most people don’t realize there are TWO other lanes that can be utilized when driving on Loop 289…

The kicker in all of this is, because it’s so dang hard to get off and on the loop MOST people end up staying in the far right hand lane because they don’t want to have to fight other people to get off.  Which leads to a whole constant circle of problems…

Wake up everyone…use your blinkers and move into uncharted territory…i.e. the left and middle lanes of the loop.  It may open up traffic and a whole new way of thinking.


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